Garnette L. Mamula studied classical piano since age 4. She is trained in choral voice and pop since age6. Garnette completed her classical studies at the Conservatory of Music at age 18. She studied music theory classes, piano and voice from several instructors.

She completed her college diploma in Jazz Studies and her bachelors degree in Music. She has arranged music for: fully orchestrated symphony,string quartet, vocal harmony, jazz band combos, pop and solo piano. She was a soloist and band leader for 5 major cruise lines.

Garnette owned and also taght for different music schools/stores over the years. She currently runs a lesson program(A&G Music) in Nashville, TN. The program has students of all ages and abilities.

She produces and directs local artists’ music with a studio engineer, song writes, co-writes, plays writers rounds and various local gigs-church gigs, bands, etc.