Our programs for children ages 4-18 have different entry levels. Beginner students who have never taken lessons start at either introductory level or level one. We assess the level of a student based on what they already have from previous experience. (former lessons, school band, musical theater experience, developed pop artist, etc.)  Our goal is to challenge students by providing a musically motivated environment in their class(es). We make sure students are going through the levels of training, just like the grade levels in school. Our program for children includes: year end work shops, graduation ceremonies for every level they pass, and annual adjudications. We offer group classes and private. Private classes of 30 minutes, or 1 hour per week. Our group classes hold a maximum of 4 children. We offer many incentives for kids. Students have a points system. This allows them to buy toys and other fun treats with their points. Points are earned through finishing any assignments from the instructor in a timely manner. ( For more info, call 615-485-7755 for a person to person consultation with your child)